Let’s be honest-Life is crazy. We know you crave comfort + uniqueness, + fun + confidence.…legit, just to feel freakin’ good …in simple, easy ways. We see you. Scroll on, girlfriend!

one-of-a-kind....because so are you

Let's Get Real-A Blog about All.The.Things...... Entrepreneurship + My Health Journey + Motherhood + Finding Joy + Bedside Wine

for you...

Hi! I am Jen! I handcraft all of my items with YOU in mind. This is why - I have spent a lot of time reflecting. What I always came away with, no matter what area of my life I was examining, was my deep desire to, quite simply, FEEL GOOD. To feel like ME. The BEST me. To be in community with like-minded peeps that want to uplift. Elevate. To squeeze every ounce of joy out of this one precious life. So, my desire with Love Harper is for YOU to feel good. If YOU feel good, you make other's around you feel good ...and then they radiate those vibes to the peeps around them and then....you get the idea. That is the magic that, I believe, changes the world.
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