Mixing it up with Mixed Metal Jewelry

The spring season is all about being bold – and we absolutely love making a statement by mixing and matching metals and styles to really take an outfit to the next level.  We all want to be noticed and create a look that tells the world what kind of woman we are, right? Maybe you are on the hunt for jewelry pieces that state “cool, collected businesswoman,” or “down-to-earth, creative soul.”

Whatever look you would like to achieve, a few pointers can give you the end result you're looking for. Learn how to stand out with these tips to mix and match your jewelry with ease.

Mix Statement Pieces With Delicate Accents

"Less is more" is not a sentiment that everyone lives by. If you love a statement piece, opt for a bold necklace, or dangling earrings. Whatever large piece you choose to make your ensemble stand out, try pairing it with more delicate matching jewelry.

For example, a bold necklace (as shown above) would team well with more delicate earrings and bracelets. If you try to choose too many bold pieces, your outfit may begin to look a little jumbled and busy.

Choose One Area to Focus On


Every outfit has its own unique cut and style. Take a little time to check out your outfit when it is on you, then decide the best area of the body that it accentuates. Does it have a low neckline? Maybe a drop necklace would work well. Or, if you are already planning on wearing a scarf or layers, focusing on your earrings or bracelets may work better.

Even when you are wearing matching jewelry, it is best to pick a certain area of your body to show off. Let this be the focus when it comes to your jewelry. That way you'll look great, but it won't appear overwhelming.

Whichever area you choose, pick one that will stand out, and let the rest of the jewelry complement it rather than overpower it.

Mix It Up

Style rules used to state that mixing metals was something that must be avoided at all costs. Luckily, that is no longer the case in 2019! We now have the freedom to pair silver with gold or rose gold, (or all three together!) as long as we do so with intention.

This not only pertains to mixing metals. Feel free to wear rings on whatever fingers you like. There is no longer a hard rule about the left ring finger for marriage or engagement rings only.

Check out our jewelry page to get some quick inspo on mixing and matching metals with ease!

To Wrap It Up...

Remember, jewelry should be an extension of your personality and who you are. Add on the pieces you love, and wear your daily jewelry with confidence.

No matter what occasion you are dressing for, your jewelry will help you look and feel your best. Check out the new styles items we hand-selected on our jewelry page, including tons of mixed metals, and update your spring look today!