for over 10 years, I rubbed bodies for a living.

Do I have your attention!!? Haha! I am Jen (if you want to make me feel 15 years old again, then it's Jenny) and I am so happy you are here. I am a jewelry designer, boutique owner, wife, dog mom, love-yourself advocate and doing all those things while fueled on coffee.

So, in much better words, in my previous life, I was a Massage Therapist full time spending most of my career in Las Vegas. I currently reside in beautiful Colorado with my what-would-I-do-without-him husband, Jordan, and our I-want-to-kiss-them-every-minute pups Brewski and Butter Bean.

Love Harper is a glitter dipped boutique with a bohemian feminine vibe. My mission to for you to feel how I would imagine MOST woman would want to feel- not only comfortable but beautiful, strong but feminine, and confident like your alter ego ;) ....all while NOT breaking the bank.

in the workshop

about those jewels...

I have been making jewelry for over 13 years....and I feel like I am just getting started! I picked up jewelry design when, straight of out massage school, I moved from my hometown in Michigan (has my heart) to Las Vegas. I was looking for an outlet so I took some jewelry classes (when bead stores actually existed!), and fell in love with it.

I gravitated towards working with stones and wire wrapping (displayed in our Touch & Gemma Collections) which I dove into for about 8 years. There must be something with moving locations that inspire me becaauuuuse right after re-locating to Colorado is when I picked up stamping! (check it out in our Stamped Collection). My passion for creating pretty things (and how they make me feel) thrown in with some hard work- has morphed my love of jewelry design to the creation of Love Harper Boutique.

I love creating & offering items that represent who you are. A personalized bar necklace with your children's names, a dress you feel beautiful in, a sign on your wall that serves as an inspirational daily reminder...those things are all material things, it's true... but they all mean something and that is what I have learned...

I spent a lot of my days not taking pride or effort into how I looked because of how I felt about myself. My dream is for every girl (and boy) at ANY age to love themselves for exactly who they are and celebrate it! Because never have I done my best work or treated the people around me well, while I hated myself. Just being kind to ourselves and in turn, those around us, is what changes the world.

for a loooooong time...

...I thought it did not matter what I wore on my body because well, #rebelling (it does not represent who I am!) + #HatingMyself (I always wanted to hide) + #NotGoodEnough (when I reach X lbs on the scale, THEN I will wear clothes I feel proud in). I made pretty jewelry but never felt like I was "pretty" enough to wear it. See, I have always struggled with my self worth and for me, it was attaching that self worth to the # on the scale.

I have YO-YOed my weight as high as 306lbs and as low as 155 lbs in my adult life and SOOOOO many ups and downs in between those two numbers. After getting down to 155lbs and still feeling FAT and hating myself..... then gaining back 100lbs so fiercely fast you would have think I was in some kind of competition (think opposite of Biggest Loser- Biggest Gainer??) and STILL hating myself.... It dawned on me. Wow, the number on the scale doesn't reallllly matter with how I feel about myself. Sure, I wore at bikini at 155 and wouldn't dare at 306 but the same hateful thoughts went through my head at both of those stages.

Maybe it was time to love myself EXACTLY HOW I AM. The people that have impacted your life in a positive way - I can almost guarantee it- that it was NOT because they had a six pack and a J Lo booty. I am not 306 but I am also not 155 but guess what- I am happy. When I decided that I AM enough, it bled into every area of my life in the most positive way.

Sooooo, guess what? I wear pretty clothes and I am a size 14, not a 4. I wear a necklace that makes me feel good and I do not think twice. These things that I thought didn't matter -when I would wear the same black yoga pants, black tank top and black cardigan for yearrrrs- little did I know- meant everything. Once I decided I was worth some pretty things, I began to truly FEEL pretty. To like myself. And that, the foundation of a good life, for yourself and those around you.

I hope you live the positive messages in our jewelry, feel the good vibes in my boutiques/ little slices on the web, and hear the intentions behind my transparency. I hope you are not afraid to be who you are. That is the Love Harper way.

Love Love Love,

Not only do we want to promote loving yourself through our products, we are constantly widening our net when it comes to offering more sizes and giving back. Please stayed tuned as we roll out more options in sizes (curvy girls can I get an AMEN!) later this Spring.....AND we will announce the products we are offering that not only make you pretty but give back to worthy causes across the globe!

about word at a time

1. Color -- Green

2. Sign-- Taurus

3. Exercise-- Kickbox (Ok, ok WHEN I work out)

4. Wannabe -- TodayShowAnchor (yes I made that one word)

5. Food-- FroYo

6. TV Show- Felicity (total throwback but I watch all 4 seasons once a year)

7. Drink-- wine or coffee (depends on the time of day)

8. Place-- Home (catch pics of our fixer upper home on our Instagram!)

9. Fruit -- Strawberries

10. Current Obsession -- podcasts

11. Word -- Love or another trusty F word

12. Gem -- Turquoise or Chrysoprase (I obvi have a hard time sticking to ONE word answers)

13. Can't live without -- myforeverfriends

14. Which FRIENDS character are you? --- Would love to say Rachel but I am a total Phoebe haha.

Stopping at #14 because that is one of my lucky #s!