The Intention behind Love Harper is to give you all the feel good vibes.

Hi! I am Jen! I am the designer and founder of Love Harper. I handcraft all of my items with YOU in mind. I have spent a lot of time reflecting. What I always came away with is, no matter what area of my life I was examining, was my deep desire to, quite simply, FEEL GOOD. To feel like ME. To be in community with like-minded peeps that want to uplift. Elevate. To squeeze every ounce of joy out of this one precious life. So, my desire with Love Harper is for YOU to feel good. If YOU feel good, you make other's around you feel good ...and then they radiate those vibes to the peeps around them and get the idea. That is the magic that, I believe, changes the world.

in the studio

who I am..

Growing up in Michigan, I moved to Las Vegas after massage school where I resided and worked as a massage therapist on the Las Vegas Strip for 10 years. Vegas gave me a lot. There is where I discovered jewelry making, met my husband Jordan and learned tons of valuable lessons throughout my 20s. (insert crazy face emoji)

We currently reside in Castle Rock, Colorado with our 2 beautiful daughters, Harper (3) and Goldie (1) ...and our two stinky dogs, Brewski (10) and Beans (I always forget how old he is..I guess that is when life got crazy..LOL)

Six years ago, with a push from a friend, I started with a tiny boutique space in a merchant market with plans to purely sell my handmade jewelry. After one year, I fell in love with entrepreunership and I left my massage position. I grew to four locations within 3 years. After I had my first daughter, Harper, I began to downsize my locations. Through expanding my biz and having my first babe, I realized I was lacking what truly brought me joy -- creating. Since 2019, I began downsizing which leads me to now in late 2021. I am down to ONE location in the original merchant market I started in...I have grown my handmade items from solely jewelry to a complete lifestyle brand. I am in the process of creating a lil boutique right in my backyard ..I can't wait to see what the future holds..I feel so inspired and FREE to create a business that serves others and feels incredibly authentic.

I love friendships, a good glass of wine, true crime podcasts, organizing, anything gold, sarcasm, a cotton candy night sky, traveling, pickled onions (I would say coffee but that is way too expected...but sorry, I DO love coffee...Iced coffee), laughing with my girls, every FRIENDS episode, and sleeping 8 hours straight at night.

What I make (for you)...

When I create, I create with YOU in mind. I create items to elevate your life through uplifting messaging, intentional gemstones, and personalized jewelry to name a few. Our handmade items are either easy to wear aimed at boosting confidence, attracts good vibes or beautiful to gaze at. We also make it super easy for you to gift any item to a loved one..we wrap it, include a personalized note and it is on it's way to make someones day!

I have been making jewelry for well over 10 years. I have grown the Love Harper handmade line to include dried floral arrangements, vase "jewelry", wreaths, photo ledges, and "Manifest your Magic" boxes with accompanying MYM cards. We are continuously expanding our handmade goods to keep radiating good vibes out in the world and hopefully bringing a lil joy into YOUR life.

...and why

I think I made it apparent that I love creating. But why?

I create and share and podcast with the hopes that it helps other women feel empowered, inspired, seen and connected. Connected to themselves and to others. I want my girls to see what is possible and how little things can change the world. I know this because I found my world revolves around simple joys.

...and if that didn't make sense...just know I WANT YOU TO FEEL GOOD...that's why.