All Love Harper Originals are handcrafted. What is handcrafted? Purely made by hand from the artist with no mass production. Each piece is hand sculpted, stamped and/or wrapped in our studio. Because they are handmade, some pieces are delicate and if not cared for properly, can lose their shape or shine. Here are some info and tips on how to care for your “Love Harper” piece.

 What is the difference in metals and which one is right for me?


Aluminum -- (silver) Awesome metal! Inexpensive, lightweight, more matte than shiny, hypoallergenic & will NOT tarnish! 
Brass-- (gold) composed of copper and zinc. WILL tarnish to create a vintage look but can be polished up with a brass cleaner or polishing cloth. 
Copper -- Pure metal that WILL tarnish to a reddish brown but can be brightened with a copper cleaner or polishing cloth.  
{The above metals are the metals used in the stamped initial charms for the "Live a Charmed Life" Charm Bar in our boutiques!}
Please be aware the Brass AND Copper will tarnish and FASTER when any moisture hits the piece, whether that be lotion, sweat, water etc. 
Gold Plated/ Sterling Silver Plated-- Brass base metal coated in 14k Gold or Sterling Silver. Be aware the coating WILL wear off over a long period time OR if worn and gets wet but will not tarnish.
14k Gold Fill -- (my personal fav) Get the look of pure 14k Gold without the hefty price! Gold Fill is layers of 14k gold with a base metal. Gold Filled jewelry has 100 times more gold than Gold Plated. It will not tarnish, chip or wear off. 
Sterling Silver -- 92.5% silver & 7.5% of other metals, usually copper. SS will oxidize (tarnish). To brighten use a Sterling Silver cleaner or polishing cloth. 
Storing your jewelry in an airtight plastic bag will slow the oxidation (tarnishing) process. Keep in mind that exposing any metal that can tarnish to moisture (water, sweat, lotions etc) will accelerate the tarnishing process.

ALL of our handmade jewelry is Nickel-free!! 


Because the jewelry is handmade, we advise them not to be worn in the shower. ESPECIALLY if you ordered a stamped piece where the lettering is DARKENED. The darkened letters will fade after being exposed to water/moisture on a continuous basis!

As stated above- Brass, Copper and Sterling Silver are all subject to oxidize (tarnish). You are able to polish them up with cleaners/polishers that are designed for each of those metals!